LighterLife® Fast.

Tom Chilton tells us why he loves LighterLife® Fast.

We were commissioned by LighterLife® to produce a short film in which British touring car driver Tom Chilton shares with us how he keeps his weight in check as a dedicated dad at home and an international racing driver. So, armed with a very keen budget and less than a day to light and shoot, we all got stuck in, had a blast, and produced this lovely piece of content. And no, Tom is not The Stig. But he did tell us how to identify him. Of course this was all made possible because Tom was such a champ. Despite competing in Argentina the day before, travelling back to the UK on an overnight red-eye flight, and arriving on set direct from the airport, Tom was amazing. Constantly having us all in stitches with his anecdotes, he also told us how to spot the real Stig. Some say he has to take his shoes off with an allen key, and that if he doesn’t get hot food after a long day’s filming he punches himself in the face. But Tom says look out for the driver who’s often seen wearing a t-shirt proclaiming, ‘I’m not the Stig’.

Video Production for LighterLife® Fast as part of a Superdrug campaign.

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